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8 Tips to Keep Kids Germ-Free at School

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Kids love to be close and share everything, even germs. Here are some quick tips to help students reduce the spread of germs at school. 

  1. Wash your Hands– Wash hands in warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. Sing the alphabet song once to help with timing.
  2. Don’t Share– Send extra supplies so students can use their own items rather than community items. 
  3. Cover Sneezes and Coughs– Sneeze into the crook of the elbow or into a tissue. Not into hands. If a student accidentally sneezes into their hands, remind them to wash their hands right away.
  4. Hands off Your Face– Teach students to keep hands away from their face, out of their nose and out of their mouths. If they accidentally touch these things, remind them to wash their hands right away. 
  5. Skip the Water Fountain– Send a water bottle with students each day so they can avoid the water fountain. If they need to use the water fountain, teach students how to drink without touching their mouth to the spigot.
  6. Eat Fruits and Veggies– A healthy diet can help boost the immune system.
  7. Get Enough Sleep- Sleep helps build the immune system. Follow these guidelines: Ages 10-17: 8.5 to 9.5 hours per night. Ages 5-10: 10 to 11 hours per night. Ages 3 to 5: 11 to 13 hours per night.
  8. Stay Home From School when Sick– If a student is sick, they need to stay home until they are well again to avoid spreading illness to others.

The Importance of Parent/Teacher Collaboration

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         Parents and teachers share the same goals for children and students; they want each individual to do their best. This will happen when parents and teachers work together. This can happen in a number of ways.

·         Keeping lines of communication open between parents and teachers

·         Parents help by setting aside time for schoolwork at home

·         Teachers can send newsletters, create blogs, make phone calls and send report cards

·         Parents can attend parent/teacher conferences to make sure that parents, teachers and students are all on the same page

·         Parents can volunteer in the classroom or building

·         Parents can help the teacher by letting them know about things happening at home·         Teachers and parents can work as a team to provide the best for students

Help Your Child Set Goals and Achieve Them

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In school, we often use the term goals with your children. How can we help our students set realistic goals and stick to them? Consider these ideas you can also support at home:

1.      Make the goal specific. The target needs to be very clear for your child. Help him/her clearly articulate what it is they want to achieve. Instead of a goal to get better at reading, the goal could be to better understand what is being read.

2.      Set a short timeframe. Many goals fail because the time frame is too long. Set small, specific timeframes (2-3 weeks) that can be more easily monitored.

3.      Make a plan. Help your child figure out actions they can take to reach their goal. How will you better understand what you are reading? Will you write a summary after a certain number of pages? Will you ask questions as you read?

4.      Adjust the goal. There is nothing wrong with your child adjusting his/her goals. Adjusting will be more successful than quitting.

5.      Celebrate. Celebrate the small successes like sticking to the goal’s steps. There is something about acknowledging progress, even small progress, that propels us to keep at it and work toward the next small step along the road of attaining a goal.

Tips to Help an Anxious Child

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During these uncertain times, anxiety can be popping up where it wasn’t before. Here are a few tips to help you and your child. 

  • Provide the opportunity for adequate sleep 
  • Serve healthy meals
  • Remind your child to drink plenty of water
  • Allow for downtime to decompress
  • Allow for outdoor free play
  • Exercise daily
  • Avoid avoidance (help your child face their worry instead of avoiding it)
  • Let your child worry (don’t say “don’t worry”, instead ask them to describe the worry in order to decompose it and show that it may not be necessary)

Reading At Home over the Summer Increases Student Achievement

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         Rock Creek builds in time for students to read at school each day, but research shows that this may not be enough, especially over the summer. Students who read at home in addition to reading at school tend to have higher test scores. Here are some ways to incorporate reading at home this summer!

         *Read the cereal box each morning

         *Find a reading website or app that your child enjoys

         *Look up information about a favorite subject on the computer

         *Take regular trips to the library and join the summer reading program

         *Start a book club with friends

         *Model reading by reading in front of and to your children each day

*Echo read with your child-You read a page and then your child reads the same page

*Choral read-You and your child read the same page at the same time

10 Social Manners for Children

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As we raise kids in this digital age, it seems as though manners can fall by the wayside. Here is a helpful list that can help serve as a reminder of what manners might be most important as children grow up. 

  1. Say “Please” when asking
  2. Say “Thank you” when receiving
  3. Say “Excuse me” after bumping into someone
  4. Put down your electronics when someone enters the room
  5. Look people in the eye when speaking
  6. Let others finish before you speak
  7. Shake hands firmly
  8. Say “Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir” when talking to grownups
  9. Greet people with “Hi” and “How are you?”
  10. Open Doors for others

Enrollment Info for 2020-2021 School Year

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Enrollment for the upcoming 2019-20 school year is going on now. Secure your child’s place in our tuition-free charter school now, and not only move with us into our new facility, but enjoy the following advantages for your kindergarten to 12th grade student: 

• Small Class Sizes without Overcrowding 

• Tuition-Free Education • 100% College Acceptance 

• Advanced and Honors Classes 

• 31 Seniors Received $2.8+ Million in Scholarships 

• Earn STGEC Credit from Ivy Tech • Project Lead the Way 

• ACT/SAT Prep Classes 

• 21st Century Scholars 

• Dual Credit Classes 

• Sports for All Grades 

• James Holt & Eli Lilly Scholars 

• Academic & Athletic Scholarships 

• Character Counts Programs 

• Community Service 

• Brand New Campus Coming Soon!

If you would like to come grow with us, contact us today for a campus tour and get the enrollment process started! 

Rock Creek Community Academy 11525 Hwy 31 Sellersburg, IN 47172 Call : 812.246.9271 Email : [email protected]

Apply online today at http://rccasi.org 

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