Open Enrollment – January 28 – February 22nd, 2019

I am sitting in my office on this beautiful spring day with my mind quickly thinking about how quickly this school year has gone by. There are only a few weeks left in this school year. Where has the time gone?

We are moving along at a steady pace on the new school. It is so much fun to go down there every afternoon to see what has been done that day. With being under roof the rain is no longer hindering what needs to be done.

While construction is going on we are still continuing great things at school. At this time of year we are both finishing up the year and testing and planning for the next year. The third grade has finished IREAD testing and it was great this year to get immediate results. Mrs. William’s entire class passed the test and we had an overall 95% passing rate for this first testing. What a great job by our third grade teachers, Mrs. Williams and Mr. Adams. We thank you for preparing our students.

We have had a large amount of applications for our next school year and we are anticipating that to continue. Many of you have recommended the school to your friends and we thank you for that.

We have begun the new sport of boys’ volleyball to our offerings at Rock Creek. It is so much fun to watch and we are enjoying a 2-1 record at this time beating a 4A and 3A school this week. Our track team is doing a great job. We just need more participants in order to compete in more events.

We have to let go of a great senior class this year. We have 31 graduating seniors who have received $2.8+ million in scholarships and 10 of them will be receiving a STGEC (Statewide transfer general education core) from Ivy Tech. There are 13 more seniors who have received college credits from Ivy Tech, IUS, or Vincennes University. That is 74% of the senior class having college credits. Way to go seniors!

I want to thank parents for this great school year and allowing us to educate your children, which is an awesome privilege. Let’s finish the year with excellence.

In Unity Lies Strength, Sara Hauselman




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