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Rock Creek would like to wish all of our families, staff and community members a safe and enjoyable holiday. This is a wonderful time to take a break and enjoy time with family. Taking advantage of a well-deserved break can refuel you for what is to come.

We encourage you to take the time to slow down and enjoy this opportunity. As children grow older, it becomes increasingly hard to slow things down and talk about thankfulness and gratitude. It is a fact that we take many things for granted such as a warm home, a working car, food on the table and caring family and friends…the list goes on. As your family enjoys the holiday together, take the time to remember what you are thankful for and take some time for a random act of kindness to help teach gratitude.

We are are extremely pleased with the hard work and dedication that we have seen from staff and students thus far this year. We look forward to bringing the same momentum into 2018! Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season.

“In Unity Lies Strength”

Sara Hauselman, Administrator/Principal of Rock Creek Community Academy





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