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2019-2020 Starts Aug 8th

Rock Creek Community Academy has participated in the Boosterthon, Fun Run, for three years now.  It is an outstanding program that teaches good character as well as raises funds to help our school.  This year’s Fun Run theme is Castle Quest.  The students go on an adventure to learn all the qualities of a true hero.  We, the fourth grade teachers, thought this was a great opportunity to create some magic in our classrooms.  We decided to plan a secret knighting ceremony for all of our students.  To prepare for this, the students wrote short essays on what they felt their best character trait was, and gave an example of a time when they demonstrated this trait.  This assignment was very reflective and we designed  the assignment to make the child proud of that trait.  Days after these writings were complete, we surprised the kids with a knighting ceremony.  We dressed up like queens and spoke in the language of “yesteryear.”  We called each character trait group to the stage.  They were asked to accept the responsibility of knighthood in the name of that trait.  They took a knee, and one by one each child was named and knighted with a shiny, gold staff.  As teachers, we need to be examples of passion and pride for our students. We need to make memories with them! This ceremony was something the fourth grade class of 2017-2018 will never forget.  

The Queens of Character

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